: Yoga & The Work of Byron Katie


 with a MuTu Pro™









Yoga & The Work of Byron Katie
with Bethany Webb, Yoga Therapist and Certified Facilitator

Saturday, September 30, 1-4p
$40 if registered by 9/25,
$50 thereafter 
“Bodies don’t think, care,~ or have any problem with themselves. They never beat themselves up or shame themselves. They simply try to keep themselves balanced and healthy. They’re entirely efficient, intelligent, kind, and resourceful. Where there is no thought, there is no problem. It’s the story we believe—prior to doing inquiry—that leaves us confused.“ ~Byron Katie

Explore how your beliefs shape your experience of your body ~ how it looks, feels, and moves with the support of The Work and a short inquiry-inspired yoga class. The Work of Byron Katie is a simple and profound process of identifying and questioning thoughts that create stress. It’s a way to clear the mind and fall in love with reality, just as it is. Some benefits from an ongoing practice are:

  • greater sense of inner peace and joy
  • direct experience of yogic principles: oneness, presence, acceptance, non-attachment, and non-judgment
  • deeper relationships with self and others
  • more creativity & clarity in life and work
  • less physical tension in the body
  • trust in a friendly universe
Inspired by Bethany’s recent journey with breast cancer, this workshop invites a deep dive into questioning judgments about our bodies ~ who would you be without your body story?

MimiYOGA FOR WOMEN with a MuTu Pro™
with MiMi Mears
first 6-week series: $115, $10 discount thereafter with advance registration
It may be possible to begin in the middle of a series or "drop in" to a class ($25) if space permits; please call the studio in advance.

6 Tuesdays, 10:45-11:45a 
    Next date tba

This class combines a yoga warm up, followed by a short, simple, yet greatly effective no impact high intensity interval training jam inspired by the award winning MuTuSystem®. Class finishes with a yoga routine specifically designed for women at any stage of motherhood.

Together with your daily walk and a few minutes of your MuTu program, it will help you strenghthen your core, flatten your tummy, improve pelvic floor function and to feel fit, strong and body confident!

*Women as soon as 4-6 weeks postpartum may join (4-6 weeks postpartum after vaginal birth, 6 to 8 weeks after caesarean birth). You can join us as soon as you are cleared to exercise after your baby's birth.

About the instructor: MiMi Mears has been a Certified Yoga Teacher for 20+ years and has been specializing in pregnancy and postpartum support through yoga, massage, and education for 13+ years. MiMi’s business, Breathe… Yoga and Massage, was nominated by Dallas Child’s Magazine as Best for Moms and Babies in 2015 and 2016.

More about MuTuSystem: Medically reviewed and recommended MuTu 12 week online complete body make-over system purchase highly recommended for best result but not required. Make sure to get your MuTu kit (everything you need to get started)!

YOGA BLISS: Balancing Chakra Energy
with Cindy Caperton chakra
$35 if registered by 11/2, $45 thereafter

Sunday, November 5, 3-5p ENROLL NOW

Discover the 7 major chakras as the doorways for Life Force Energy in this introduction to the ancient tradition of the Chakra System.

  • With massage ball work and gentle yoga, we will explore each chakra to open and balance the system as a whole.
  • We will review how each chakra relates to a specific area of the body to create balance for personal growth and healing.
  • This class also includes hands on adjustments and a Chakra meditation to complete our blissful yoga experience.
Beneficial for balancing the physical body as well as the energetic body to reduce stress, tension and disconnection. Appropriate for all levels of yoga experience.

About Cindy Caperton: Cindy is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of yoga, bringing compassion and experience from her own healing process and Yoga Therapy certification. She also teaches Release and Flow Yoga and is certified in Thai Yoga Therapy.



with Michie Gutierrez
$25 in advance, $30 at the door

Sunday 1:45-3:15p
     Next Class TBA

Are you constantly feeling tired, lethargic, like you just can't finish your to do lists?
Do you often set goals and intentions but never achieve them?
Love savasana but feel it's never long enough in yoga class?

This workshop may be exactly what you need.

Yoga nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. During the practice of yoga nidra one appears to be asleep but the consciousness is functioning at a deeper level of awareness. For this reason, yoga nidra is often referred to as psychic sleep or deep relaxation with inner awareness. In this threshold state between sleep and wakefulness, contact with the subconscious and unconscious dimensions occurs spontaneously.

In yoga nidra the state of relaxation is reached by turning inwards, away from outer experiences. If the consciousness can be separated from external awareness and from sleep, it becomes very powerful and can be applied in many ways. We'll utilize "sankalpa" which is a positive intention, goal or desire that you wish to achieve over the next 6-18 months. This workshop will help you understand your true desires and teach you how to use a sankalpa in order to achieve these desires without mental or physical effort. While the typical New Year’s resolution is abandoned within weeks, if not days, as enthusiasm and willpower run out, a sankalpa requires none of the ego-driven willpower we typically summon to make changes.

Yoga Nidra is understood to be the most transformative, potent and remarkably adaptive of all yoga practices. Yoga nidra is in fact not really a single practice, but rather an experience of altered states of consciousness, essentially meditative experiences which can be used therapeutically for healing, as well as to enhance creativity and productivity and to improve sleep and general health.

with Bethany Webb & Kenny Kolter
Thursday, November 9, 6:30-8:30p  ENROLL NOW
$40 in advance, $50 at the door if space available

yogainquirygongImmerse yourself in the healing vibes of Kenny’s gong meditation as Bethany guides you through a gentle yoga flow to open your mind, body, & heart. Through inquiry, become aware of the mental chatter that shapes your experience of yourself and the world around you. Who would you be without your thoughts? Present, connected, curious, and at peace. The last 30 minutes will be dedicated to nurturing you with Thai yoga massage (a serious talent of Bethany’s!) while Kenny fills the room with harmonic vibrations created by gongs, drums, rattles, Tibetan bowls, chimes, & more. One thing is certain ~ you’re in for a treat! Join us for this unforgettable experience.

bethanywebbAbout Bethany: Bethany is a Yoga Therapist & Certified Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie offering private sessions, workshops, & retreats. She creatively blends yoga, inquiry, body sensing, meditation, & Thai massage, in order to awaken the presence of inner peace & joy that lives within all of us. Her daily practice continues to provide a compassionate inner support system, especially during her recent journey healing breast cancer. Bethany had the honor of meeting Kenny while in cancer treatment ~ through private sessions, she experienced the powerful impact of sound healing and she is thrilled to now join creative forces with Kenny in Dallas and beyond. For more, visit Bethany's website.

kennyAbout Kenny: Kenny has facilitated in excess of 1,400 Sound Therapy Workshops throughout the country over the last eight years. His unique work is focused on providing participants a chance to escape the daily grind, meditate/pray, simply rest, or go within. Kenny is one of only a handful of sound therapists worldwide to play the gong in a therapeutic environment for patients in a clinical setting. He has shared his musical gift of gong meditation & drum circles in many yoga studios, cancer centers, mental health facilities, & prisons. He was recently featured in The Dallas Morning News, Natural Awakenings ~ Dallas magazine, Chicago area magazine Conscious Choice and also on WFAA-TV's Wellness Wednesday segment. For more, visit Kenny's website.

with Andy McDonald and Niko 
$30 if registered in adv, $35 thereafter

Friday, January 12, 7-8:30p  ENROLL NOW
Treat yourself to an evening of deep relaxation. The stress and strain of life can lead to a buildup of tension that weighs us down and keeps our bodies and minds from functioning at optimal levels.

This event will include mindful yoga and breathing to open your body and mind. Let's release unnecessary tension, allowing your body to function in a more natural, relaxed state, enhancing its ability to heal. We will transition seamlessly from yoga into an extended lying-down sound relaxation/meditation accompanied by ancient Tibetan Bowls. The sound vibrations of the bowls will wash away any worries and concerns, leaving you feeling light, clear, peaceful, and refreshed. 

andyAbout Andy McDonald: Andy helps people live more wakened lives through achieving greater awareness of mind, body, and breath; awareness of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nature of their existence. Through mindful movement and breath awareness, he teaches people to connect mind, body, and spirit, and to achieve deep states of relaxation, calmness, and peace. Since 2004, Andy has been teaching yoga, mindfulness, and meditation techniques to a wide array of people ranging from age 7 to 90, as well as special needs groups including Parkinson's and cancer patients. He is an ERYT 500 yoga teacher who integrates his training and study in meditation, metaphysics, breathwork, and energy healing, along with his deep understanding of nature to help people realize deeper levels of personal transformation.

nikoAbout Niko:  Through body work, energy work, and sound healing modalities, Niko helps people realize ways to live more simply, truthfully, easily, and happily. She is a body and energy worker, massage therapist, and Usui Reiki Master Teacher, as well as a practicing yogi and meditator. Niko has a natural talent for rhythm, playing a variety of drums and percussion instruments. She immediately embraced the beauty and power of Tibetan bowls as an instrument for transformational growth upon meeting Jodi Roberts. While playing bowls and drums she experiences a deep focus in the present moment and transmits that presence to all those listening so they may experience themselves in a deeply relaxed state free from all distraction and stress. She is adept at mixing the tonal qualities of Tibetan bowls with the grounding rhythms of African drums to give listeners a relaxing, cleansing, and transcendent experience in body and mind.

Relaxed body...Peaceful Mind

with Cindy Caperton 
3-week series: $55 if registered by 9/7, $65 thereafter
or Single Session: $25 if registered by the Thursday before, $30 thereafter
call 972.732.0206 to register

3 Sundays, 3-4:45p
     September 10-September 24 

September 10: Front Body – Shoulders and Hips 
Release tension from front of the shoulders and front of the hips. Movement includes gentle back bending to open hips and hearts.

September 17: Lower Lateral Body - Hip to Foot
Release the outside of the leg from the glutes to the foot. Movement includes a hip releasing practice with extension from the legs.

September 24: Upper Lateral Body – Neck to Hip
Release tension from the neck, under the arm and down each side of the torso. Movement includes side bending and twisting with extension from the arms.

cindyblissExplore the body with massage ball work and gentle yoga to promote myofascial release, allowing you to shift out of physical and emotional restrictions held in the body.
Each class in the series includes a combination of gentle movement, long holds and restorative poses with therapeutic adjustments.

This series is beneficial for all needing to relax, reset and de-stress. Find balance in the body and stillness in the mind for renewal and healing.

Appropriate for all levels of yoga experience.

About Cindy Caperton: Cindy is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of yoga, bringing compassion and experience from her own healing process and Yoga Therapy certification. She also teaches Release and Flow Yoga and is certified in Thai Yoga Therapy.


with Tida Chambers 
$30 in advance, $35 at the door

Saturday, 2:30-4:30p
Next Date TBA

Learn to let go of fear, focus your attention in the moment and experience greater joy, love, peace and happiness.

Join Tida for a 2 hour practice of gentle yoga, utlizing both yin and restorative yoga, to explore Gratitude and how to bring it into your every day experience via heart, mind, and body.

Reframe your perspective, greet your day with less stress and more happiness by creating new openness through breathwork, gentle movement and stretching, and guided relaxation and visualization. Join us on this journey where you will breathe, develop a greater connection with yourself, and experience gratitude on all levels as you move through a gentle physical practice.

heartMessage from the instructor, Tida: “In preparation for teaching and guiding this special class, I immersed myself more wholly into Gratitude as a daily practice, so that I could then share what I have experienced and discovered. Gratitude opens my heart, makes me smile, while my thankfulness may be from the past or future, it brings me also back to the good feelings of now. Experience and learn how to harness the power of bringing Gratitude into your everyday life.”


SitarYOGA WITH LIVE SITAR MUSIC with Cindy Caperton
Friday, 7-8:45p, Next date tba
$35 in advance or
$40 at door if space available

Be inspired by the sacred vibration of Sitar music and the movement of yoga.

Join the celebration as live sitar music guides us on a soulful yoga journey through the ancient sounds of India. Our yoga practice begins with massage ball work and includes slow flowing yoga connected to the breath. Sitarist, Tom Griffin, will perform live music in sync to the flow.

If you desire, you may wear your Indian inspired yoga clothing, bindis and henna tattoos.

Some previous yoga experience is recommended.

Music by Tom Griffin:
Tom grew up playing jazz guitar in high school. His love of Indian culture, music and yoga lead him to study with sitarist Vatsal Dave in the early 90’s. He is currently studying Flamenco guitar. In addition to special yoga events, Tom also provides live sitar music for Indian weddings, The Crow Museum and house parties. For more information on Tom, please visit his website at www.sitarswara.com.

About Cindy Caperton: Cindy is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of yoga, bringing compassion and experience from her own healing process and Yoga Therapy certification. She also teaches Release and Flow Yoga and is certified in Thai Yoga Therapy


YOGA ON THE WALL yogaonthewall
with Tifany Henderson
$35 in advance, $40 at door if space is available 

Saturday, October 14,  2:30-4:30p

Hips, calves and shoulders, oh my!

We will being using the wall as our prop to release our hips from a reclined position, our calves and shoulders from a standing position. When we recline on the floor with our legs up the wall, we can stretch hamstrings and hips for a gentle release.

Many of us have tight glutes, piriformis and hips, so we are able to get to those muscles from a more relaxed position by laying on the floor. For our calves, we don't realize how much our calf muscles play a role in contributing to tight hamstrings and low back, often affecting our forward bends. They also contribute to a variety of foot issues. As we stretch our calf muscles, we will gain more freedom in our feet, hamstrings and lower back. Our forward bends will change!

For our neck and shoulders, we will be using the wall to stretch the arms, neck and shoulders, even the pectorals-the front part of the chest. Freeing up our neck from any kinks we may have. We will then round all of this out with a tennis ball massage against the wall to get the entire back - from tush to shoulders.

When you leave this workshop, you will be able to walk freer with relaxed hips, calves, neck and shoulders! The tension will have melted away with the use of just a few props!

tifanyAbout Tifany Henderson: Tifany teaches a blend of Hatha Yoga styles to warm the heart, focus the mind, and strengthen the body. Teaching from the heart what she has learned along her own yoga journey, she helps students increase strength, flexibility, and peace of mind. She has been teaching Hatha yoga since 1998. 


with Tifany Henderson and Steve Koziatek
$20 in advance, $25 at the door if space available

Next Date TBA

Learn the most basic techniques for meditation to reduce stress and gain a more focused and calm mind.

medYou will learn:
•Proper Posture
•Sitting & Walking Meditation
•Techniques to Develop Focus
•Solutions for the Wandering Mind
•Benefits of Meditation
•Basic Practice for Home

This workshop is designed to introduce those interested in learning how to meditate to some of the most basic meditation techniques. You will learn about sitting and walking meditation. You will learn the proper alignment for sitting on a cushion/blanket and for sitting in a chair. Once your body is comfortable, then it no longer will distract the mind. You will get to experience different basic techniques such as focusing on the breath or counting. We will discuss what to do about the mind wandering around, hopping from one thing to the next. Then, we will practice it. We will sit or walk in short intervals.

By the time you leave, you will have a basic meditation practice you can use at home...and you will feel more calm and relaxed as you face the world again.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing or work-out clothes. You may wear socks and bring a light jacket. If you are a note taker, feel free to bring a notepad and pen. If you happen to have a meditation cushion, please bring it!

Tifany Henderson has had a meditation practice since 1997. She first learned about meditation from her yoga teacher as a way to deal with her high-pressured job. Later, she attended a Zen week-long meditation retreat, and eventually found her way to her current meditation teacher where she was certified in 2005 as an Introductory Samatha Instructor by Lama Dudjom Dorjee. She loves to teach meditation, it's like giving your mind a little mini-vacation!

Steve Koziatek was first introduced to the concept of meditation in his late teens through reading “Dharma Bums” by Jack Kerouac. Over the years he was fascinated by Eastern philosophies that emphasized meditation and mindfulness as a way to bring peace to the roller coaster of emotions and waves of thoughts that tend to throw us about. He first started meditating seriously in 1997 as a way to support new-found serenity in his life.

Today, Steve and Tifany have a room dedicated to meditation. Although, they don't meditate together very often, their cushions do sit side by side.

with Candace Bordelon, Ph.D. 
6 week series: $115

6 Wednesdays, 6-7:10p
     August 30-October 4  ENROLL NOW
This specialized series, limited to only 7 clients, addresses back problems such as those arising from stress, injuries, sciatica, osteoporosis, herniated and ruptured discs, disc degeneration disease, and postural alignment conditions such as scoliosis. While each series is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of the participants, the series is also designed to improve overall spinal, pelvic, and hip flexibility and strengthen the core and the spinal support muscles. Clients become more comfortable with the movements that control flexion and extension of the spine, learn how to twist safely, and understand the specific adjustments that need to be made for future safe yoga practice.

Instructor Candace Bordelon, Ph.D. has two herniated discs in her lumbar spine and has learned how to effectively modify and use her yoga practice for a stronger and healthier back. She also works as a rehabilitative therapist with clients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Asperger’s, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, and cancer.

Due to the popularity of this class and the limited spots available, please be especially mindful when registering in the series. If you find that you are not able to attend, please give at least 24 hours notice prior to the first class so we can offer the spot to the next person on the waitlist and help as many people as possible.

with Tammy Owens Slauson
6 week series: $105 if registered one week in advance, $115 thereafter

6 Sundays, 4-5:15p
      October 1-November 5  ENROLL NOW

Through this therapeutic yoga class, relieve the aching, pain, and muscle stiffness in your neck, shoulders, back and hips by improving your range of motion and building strength.  Reduce stress, relieve anxiety and enhance the quality of your sleep through relaxation techniques and breathing exercises.  

This specialized series, limited to only 7 clients, is designed with you in mind and is tailored to your ability.  Discover a low-impact way to get you moving and feeling better in your body.



with Tida Chambers
6-week series: $105 in advance,
$115 at door if space available 

6 Saturdays, 10:30-11:30am
    August 26-September 30  
    October 7-November 11 ENROLL NOW
Our yoga basics series teach the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga. Classes are small, so individual attention is guaranteed. Students have the opportunity to ask questions, get individual feedback and learn modifications for specific needs. You’ll learn the asanas (yoga poses) in a methodical, progressive manner, giving you a firm foundation for a lasting yoga practice.

Basics I is designed for new beginners with little or no yoga experience. It will help prepare you for beginning drop-in classes and a personal yoga practice.

with Tifany Henderson
$35 in advance, $45 at the door, if space available

Next Date TBA

This workshop is designed to help new yoga students learn a few of the most common yoga poses used in class. You will gain a basic understanding of proper alignment, movement and props for each of these poses. Also, you will learn how to focus on your breath to promote calmness and ease, the first step toward learning how to meditate.

Modifications will be suggested throughout this class. Not only will you leave this session calm and relaxed, you will also have newfound confidence to enjoyably attend other yoga classes. This class is ideal for those who have just started or have never gone to a yoga class or returning to yoga after being out for an extended period of time.

tifanyAbout Tifany Henderson: Tifany teaches a blend of Hatha Yoga styles to warm the heart, focus the mind, and strengthen the body. Teaching from the heart what she has learned along her own yoga journey, she helps students increase strength, flexibility, and peace of mind. She has been teaching Hatha yoga since 1998.

with Louise Applebome
6-week series: $105 in advance, $115 at door if space available

6 Saturdays, 9a-10:15a 
September 16-October 28 (skip 10/14)
November 4-December 9  Enroll Now

yogassands2This small-group series is aimed at keeping bodies and minds fit, flexible and functioning and helping students find center and balance on and off the mat.

Class includes deep stretching, restorative poses, a standing practice for building strength and improving balance, as well as time for rest, serenity and self-exploration. Students can expect relief from common chronic issues, including neck and back pain. They can also expect a conscious, careful and gentle approach to an ongoing yoga practice. Some yoga experience recommended.

with Tifany Henderson 
$35 in advance, $45 at the door, if space available

Saturday, 2:30-4:30    
     October 7 ENROLL NOW
     November 11 ENROLL NOW

Restorative yoga allows for relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body. When supported properly with blankets, blocks and props, the mind and body are able to reset and renew, reducing tension and increasing energy.

In Restorative Yoga, poses are held a bit longer, allowing you to rest deeply while passively stretching and opening the body in a gentle way.

Like a mini vacation, we will help you let go completely and rest deeply!