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In addition to the personal customer testimonials here, you can view our Scrapbook of published media articles about MoveStudio.

"I like the variety of options available and the fact that classes go on almost all day. Gives people with all schedules a chance to have their fun." Monica S.

"[I like] the range of classes offered and the range of times classes are given. Most other studios or gyms have a set offering of classes with the majority being during the workday. Since I work full time, I need to be able to have classes I can take after work and Move Studio has that. Also, I like the overall 'feel' of the studio - it just makes me feel relaxed and no pressure to look a certain way." Melissa C.

"I really like how Magdelena breaks down the moves. No matter how many times you ask about same movements she is always ready to stop and explain until you understand. If you want to be technically correct, I highly recommend trying one of Maggie's classes!" ~Cheryl M.

"Cindy's Yoga classes are both relaxing and rejuvinating. My body feels SO good after spending an hour or more with her. I look forward to taking many more workshop with Cindy and would recommend her offerings to anyone looking to heal, get a deep stretch, and feel good!!!" ~Jamie M.

"I have been practicing Feldenkrais with Angela Alston for about two years. Feldenkrais helps relieve my chronic pain, and works almost as a form of meditation for me. Angela is an excellent teacher, and is the reason I keep signing up for the series." ~Karen R

"Tida is one my favorite instructors. She gives clear and simple instruction for challenging yet rewarding poses. I find myself wishing I could take a class with her on a daily basis. I always feel refreshed, stronger, and energized after leaving. Thanks, Tida, for sharing your knowledge and positive energy with your students. I know we are all beyond grateful." ~Jamie M.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed taking classes from Louise! She encourages me to challenge myself and grow in my practice. She helps keep me focused on my own journey and not to feel pressured to compare myself with other more experienced classmates. I am so excited every time I book the next class to find there is a slot for me..." ~Connie A.

"I have been practicing Feldenkrais with Angela Alston for about two years. Feldenkrais helps relieve my chronic pain, and works almost as a form of meditation for me. Angela is an excellent teacher, and is the reason I keep signing up for the series." ~Karen R.

"Lisa is GREAT. She has trained with some of the best hoop teachers around, has great certifications but what I dig the most is her dedication to traveling the world to learn new ways of improving her own hoop dance skills. As she seeks out new, different, creative ways to find her fluidity within her moves, the better she teaches, as this totally shows up with her in class. Her loving, supportive personality matches her skills making her a fantastic teacher, an inspiring guide and quite honestly makes me wanna show up for a hoop lesson. Let's get busy." ~Blythe Twosisters, Hoop Instructor

"Tifany's Restorative Yoga workshop was fantastic. We held the poses for a long time to give our bodies time to truly relax into them. With the relaxation of the body came the ultimate reward - relaxation of the mind. Tifany's gentle teaching style, along with her careful selection of ambient background music created the perfect environment for relaxation and restoration. I highly recommend the workshop to anyone, from seasoned practitioner to those brand new to Yoga." - Vanita D.

"Even if you dislike exercise, Valerie Rogers is reason enough to take Chogaflow. Her warmth, compassion and sense of humor are infectious and will make you believe you can do anything."

~Pat, age 72

"Almost immediately, I noticed the improvement in my range of motion, after attending Valerie's Chogaflow™ classes. I often assist in moving hospital patients at work and my improved motion and strength help protect me from injury and make my movements more efficient." ~John, age 55

"My feelings run pretty deep for Move Studio...Starting with Jackie and Chad...who are the HEART of the Community. Jackie is what makes it tick in the spirit and rhythm that is felt throughout the walls. Next would be the teachers...they are the ARMS.

They have open their hearts and share their knowledge, experiences, and encouragement. They wrap us in an environment that makes us feel safe but challenge us everyday to be the best we can be. Then there are the other students...or the Clients...they are the FEET...the foundation of why it all works.

If it weren't for would just be another fitness studio. We are different...and together this community has made my HEART sing, has wrapped it's arms around me, and has given me the strength, confidence, to be me and be better at it each day. Thank you!!" - Sue Ellen

"I love our Move Studio community because it feels like family...a welcoming sense of comfort and belonging, for student and teacher alike...a sense of sharing and caring as friendships blossom..a sense of home, where the energy is magical and fills your heart with joy, kindness, and compassion. We teach, learn, move, groove, dance, sweat, laugh, cry...we explore our potential with a light heart and leave feeling radiant. So much fun! I love my Move Studio family:-)" - Valerie

"I just wanted to say thank you for your vision in opening MoveStudio and to share a monumental success story that's evolved over the last year. It's a beautiful and tranquil place that I love coming to because of the peaceful ambience and phenomenal women who have been my Pilates teachers and helped along the way. I came to MoveStudio about two years ago with some major soft tissue problems; pinched nerves, muscle spasms, debilitating migraines and spinal muscle imbalances from my lower back to my head (which caused an unstable hip and shoulder on my left side).

I've been dancing my whole life and make a living as a personal trainer, so my fitness was of paramount importance to me and my very identity. All of that was coming to a screeching halt and my confidence and hope was rapidly dissolving. I've now taken your Pilates equipment training consistently for over a year and have recovered 90% of my abilities. Muscles are balanced and stronger, my spine is straighter, hip and shoulder now rest where they should, and the migraines are gone! I couldn't even lift my head when I first started, for simple exercises like the back extension or hundred beats.

Now I'm breezing through a whole class. Not to mention, I always feel centered and rejuvenated when I walk out the door. My greatest blessing this holiday season is that I have my body and soul back! Move Studio is where it all happened."
-- Jenna M., 31

From a Prenatal Yoga student:  "Our daughter was born November 1st. I was able to have a completely natural delivery and it was amazing… MiMi, I wanted to thank you for everything you taught me in preparation for the birthing experience. I was able to utilize so many of the techniques, and I really used the cleansing breath to let go of the transition contractions. I made myself use them even when it didn't feel like the contraction was gone and it was just like muscle memory, my whole body relaxed. I was so glad you told us so often how and when to use the breaths. Also I was able to stay present with each contraction and observe what was happening, It made the entire experience less frightening. Our daughter is so amazing and I'm so glad we were able to bring her into the world drug free! Thanks for everything, we couldn't have done it without your preparation." -- Ellis K.

"ontheballIn my quest to become a better equestrian, I have discovered that my body is like an onion comprised of many layers.  Pilates and the On the Ball classes have given me new insight into how my body functions (or doesn't!) and improved my strength, flexibility and balance.  As a result, my horse and I are BOTH becoming better athletes.  The added benefit?  There is joy!"  -- Suzanne B., 56

"My husband and I have been doing Pilates at MoveStudio for about one year.  In this time he has lost about 10+ pounds, and leaned out in an incredible way!  He is back to his original size from 10 years ago when we began dating.  All of his colleagues cannot believe how great he looks.  As for me, many amazing transformations have happened in my overall shape, strength, posture, and flexibility.  We have not felt this good or strong in many years.  I have a form of neurological disease and this type of exercise is incredible, soooo relaxing and gives incredible results.  MoveStudio is a fantastic place, and between the Pilates Reformer classes, Mat classes, and the fun dance classes we have found a range of exercises that we feel we can do until we leave this great earth.  It makes you feel good all over... very little pain, lots of gain, and much relaxation despite the tremendous effort put forth.  It has been life-changing for both of us!"  -- Jamie I., 41

"MoveStudio has been a fantastic part of my life for almost four years and is probably most responsible for keeping me healthy, very active, still feeling young, and loving every minute! As my work schedule has changed, my opportunities for fun and challenging exercise -- on my level -- have only become better at the Studio. I don't try to do absolutely everything but have settled down to a pretty regular schedule of Yoga, Nia, and Cardio Latin Dance. Pilates I plan to resume soon, and maybe I'll even try Hip Hop someday! Where else may one find all of this in one super, convenient, attractive, comfortable environment?"  --Mary Anne P., 70

"I am a woman who eats real food and cannot fit into a size 6. The beauty of MoveStudio is that every teacher I have had there can modify a routine to fit both a novice and an advanced student, and make all body types feel welcome. I have felt at home in every class I have taken, which include Yoga, Pilates, and even Bellydance.  My personal preference is Restorative Yoga because most of the exercises are performed while lying down!  If I one day get inspired to really sweat, I will try the Yoga Flow or Cardio Latin Dance class."  -- Sheryl H., 37

smiling woman"Just wanted to let you know I am really getting value from the monthly unlimited class pass. It has enabled me to take many more classes at MoveStudio than I did when I was purchasing on a per-class basis. I like the freedom of the drop-in classes and the best part is the unlimited usage."
-- Linda H., 55

"The Yoga Flow classes at MoveStudio are AWESOME!  I have been doing Yoga for over a year now and I can't get enough.  I love how I feel after a yoga flow class, more centered and connected with my body.  The vibe stays with you all day; it's almost like a drug -- once you've tried it you keep wanting more!  At first glance into the flow class it seems as if you might be doing warp speed yoga, but the pace becomes the rhythm of your breath and your breath moves you deeper and deeper into postures you could have never imagined possible.  Final relaxation (savasana) is my favorite part of the class.  You can explore your body even further into meditation and make the thoughts in your mind still for just a few moments out of the day.  Yoga Flow is more than just a workout, it's a whole mind-body connection thing going on that I LOVE!"  -- Christina M., 25

"My favorite class is Nia!  I love how it incorporates elements of Tai Chi, Yoga, modern dance and funk.  A fun workout for all the muscles & joints featuring great music and positive vibrations."
-- Diane S., 46

"yoga womanI really enjoy MoveStudio. I've taken several different classes, and I appreciate the variety the studio offers. The space is beautiful, and the staff and teachers are so welcoming and helpful.  The atmosphere is much nicer than at a gym.  I especially love the hip hop classes. I always have fun and leave feeling confident, and it's a great workout. I also recently discovered yoga and Nia. They both leave me feeling peaceful and centered, and they are powerful for the mind and body."  -- Sarah N., 27

"Although it's good to be back home in Boston, the thing I really miss most about Dallas is MoveStudio. I have found no other place that is so all-encompassing, providing all I need for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. From Nia to yoga to Pilates, MoveStudio has it all in one beautiful, calming, peaceful, serene space. When you are ready to open a Boston branch I will be the first one to buy a pass!  Miss you guys a lot..."  --Julie E., 33