Dance for the Planet Festival 2002

NiaBlast with Carlos Rosas and Debbie Rosas, Nia's dynamic co-creators - Sunday, Nov. 10, 2002 - Co-sponsored by Studio: Dance, Arts & More
(from left to right) - Kathleen Blackburn, Lisa Rountree, Elizabeth Greenwood, Julie Aquirre-Orcutt and Lori Conley
Carlos Rosas
(from left to right) - Dale Estrabo, Christie Wilson, Carlos Rosas, Debbie Rosas and Lisa Rountree
(from left to right) - Carlos Rosas, Julie Aquirre-Orcutt and Debbie Rosas
Dance for the Planet Festival 2001
Amazing Women's Day 2001

NBC5 HealthFit Expo 2000

Nia guru Julie, in a serene and blissful moment The joy of freedance
Our fearless leader marches on
Kickin' it out